Label Slitting Machine

RALOYAL offers a variety of label slitting machines with customized configurations including laminating, hydraulic shaftless loading, automatic unloading and automatic blade set to meet your individual converting demands.

    1. HCH2 Slitter Rewinder, 400m/min
    2. Slitter Rewinder, with Shaftless Mechanical Chuck, 400m/min, HCH2HCH2 slitter rewinder is designed with shaftless mechanical chucks and guide rail unwinding unit, it can reduce labor intensity and ensure a stable operation. Friction shaft is adopted for uncompromising winding quality.
    1. HCH3 Slitter Rewinder, 300m/min
    2. Slitter Rewinder Machine, with Shaftless Mechanical Chuck, 300m/min, HCH3HCH3 slitter rewinder is typically constructed for converting jumbo rolls of high grade paper and self-adhesive paper/ films, delivering more productivity and higher load bearing capacity.
    1. LFS328 High Speed Self Adhesive Label Slitting Machine
    2. Duplex Slitter Rewinder, 100m/min, LFS328 Web width: 1000/1300mm
      Max. unwind diameter: φ800mm
      Max. rewind diameter: φ600mm
      Entrapped air removal rewind diameter: φ100mm
      Machine speed: 100m/min
    1. HC-650 Laminating Slitter
    2. Slitter Rewinder, HC-650The HC-650 laminating slitter rewinder offers a cost effective solution for high precision slitting of protective film, electrical consumables, paper, self-adhesive labels, PVC material, as well as narrow webs such as straw paper.
    1. HC-1300/1600 Multifunction Slitter Rewinder
    2. Slitter Rewinder, HC-1300/1600HC-1300/1600 multifunction slitter rewinder is particularly designed for converting protective films. It can be offered with various configurations such as peeling and multilayer laminating to meet customers’ specific needs.
    1. HC-1300A/1600A Multifunction Slitter Rewinder
    2. Slitter Rewinder, HC-1300A/1600AHC-1300A/1600A multifunction slitter rewinder is high speed slitting and rewinding machine updated on the basis of HC-1300/1600 slitter rewinder, it is designed and manufactured primarily for PET, PVC and protective films.