Automatic Log Slitter

RALOYAL’s automatic log slitters are offered with various configurations from single shaft to ten shaft, adapting to your specific production needs.

    1. LY-701 Log Slitter (Single Shaft)
    2. LY-701 Log Slitter (Single Shaft)Our single-shaft log slitter is an ideal automatic slitting machine for converting materials up to 380mm in diameter, the max. machine speed reaches 35cuts per minute.
    1. LY-703 Log Slitter (Double-shaft)
    2. LY-703 Log Slitter (Double-shaft)LY-703 double-shaft log slitter is an automatic roll slitter that simultaneously slits two material rolls with maximum diameter of 180mm, the machine speed can reach 35cuts per minute.
    1. LY-704 Log Slitter (Four-shaft)
    2. LY-704 Log Slitter (Four-shaft)This four-shaft log slitter is able to slit material roll with maximum diameter of 180mm and maximum length of 1600mm, the machine speed is up to 35cuts/min.