Flat Die Cutting Machine

Our flat bed die cutters are configured with flat cutting die, suitable for die cutting of labels, logos, stickers, etc. Each of our die cutting machines can guarantee your required cutting accuracy. High speed die cutter can be provided as per your request.

    1. LDC Flat Bed Die Cutting Machine for Label
    2. LDC Flat Bed Die Cutting Machine for LabelThe LDC-320 die cutter is a very cost-effective cutting machine, which adopts an accurate flattening and die-cutting system. Material feeding and cutting are controlled by servo motor. 3 photoelectric sensors make web-guiding job done in an accurate manner.
    1. Automatic Die Cutting Machine with Hot Foil Unit, LDC-320A
    2. Automatic Die Cutting Machine with Hot Foil Unit, LDC-320ALDC-320A automatic die cutting machine features an added foil stamping station on the basis of LDC-320 die cutter machine. With an accurate cutting system, the label cutting machine can make foil stamping and die cutting finished in one process ...
    1. LDC-350 Flatbed Die Cutter
    2. LDC-350 Flatbed Die CutterThis LDC-350 flatbed die cutter is an updated model based on LDC-320 by adding snowball waste rewind system, which greatly facilitates waste rewinding for labels without stop, especially irregularly shaped pieces, resulting in minimal downtime caused by waste removal. The machine speed can reach 350 cuts per minute.